Isha’s new ebook, “Drops of Life” is an outpouring of how Isha touched a volunteer’s life, in the form of poetry. As the volunteer says, “This book is an attempt to share my encounter with life after I came in touch with Isha. It’s been such a wild and hilarious ride, sometimes even intimidating, simply because it’s too much to swallow in so little time.

Poetry and I were far-away things, until I came in touch with Isha and it started flowing. It removed the rigidity of my fixed ideas and brought fluidity which made it so much easier to connect to life around me. It carries a madness – not one of lack of balance, but one that comes with much sweetness and intensity. I had heard stories of people who sang scores of compositions extempore in the praise of a deity or a sacred space. I admired the idea but seldom I believed that it could be true, but when this hit me I knew for sure it’s possible!”

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