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On an average, we human beings spend a third of our lives in slumber. In Sleep Your Way to True Aliveness,” Sadhguru points out the possibility of sleeping less while at the same time amplifying our aliveness.

In “Just Metal and Stone or a Phenomenon?” Sadhguru looks at what makes the Linga Bhairavi Yantras work.

The article Taking Specific Steps towards Truth wakes us up to the fact that transformation is not an automatic process or a large, one-time shift. Read how taking small but consistent steps can change our lives.

In this month’s Leela episode, Sadhguru explains a key verse of the Bhagavad Gita, in which Krishna speaks about Dying in Awareness.”

In our excerpt from the “Spot,” Sadhguru shares very rare and personal insights as a father and a connoisseur of Indian classical dance. Make sure not to miss Bha – Rha – Tha!

Bharat as a nation and its culture also feature in Doing What Matters,” the third part of Tarun Tahiliani’s conversation with Sadhguru, in the context of priorities in life and education in India.

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