“Vairagya – Bonding with Beyond” are a series of powerful chants that can be valuable supports to a spiritual seeker. Available in 10 minute and 1 hour versions, the album is available as mp3 downloads as well as an Android app.

Sadhguru explains in detail the significance of a mantra, and also gives a process for using the Vairagya chants.

Sadhguru: If you want to have your spiritual process pitched up, if you feel you’re ready for it – there’s no compulsion – one thing we can do is to create an ambience within your body, your mind, and in the atmosphere in which you live. One reason, although it is subject to much criticism, we are creating the ashram or the yoga center in a certain way, is to make people understand that spiritual process does not mean barrenness of life. Spiritual process means grandeur of life. It does not mean obscenity of excess, but grandeur of life. Some aspects of the ashram are very carefully crafted to be minimalistic, and some elaborate and exuberant.

You need to understand, India or Bharat is a culture without morality; there are no morals carved in stone to tell you, “This is what you do and this is what you do not do.” We never depended on morality, because we created human beings who were capable of stirring up humanity in such a big way, the need for morality or a moral code never arose. If there is a simple process of stirring up the humanity within you, if your humanity is on full-time, if your humanity is full-blown, you will not need any morality. Morality is an imitation of humanity. Morality may fix a few things in society, but will cause a complete havoc within the inner nature of the human being.

With morality you will develop a conscience, not consciousness. Conscience is that which hurts when everything else is feeling great. Do you understand what I’m saying? When everything else is feeling great, something within you hurts – that is conscience. It has been injected into you by social norms. What you feel guilty about what you feel is right or wrong, is essentially a social phenomenon. But if your humanity is full-blown, you wouldn’t need that morality, you would be fine the way you are. So to stir up this humanity, we set up three fundamentals. One is absolute passion towards the source of Creation – this is manifest in this culture in a million different ways. When we wanted to build a town or a city, the first thing we built was a grand temple. The people who built this temple, they themselves lived in huts, but they built phenomenally grand temples.

The three fundamentals are – absolute passion towards the Creator, compassion for all life around you, and dispassion towards yourself. If you maintain these three things, your humanity will be always on; otherwise your humanity will get switched off and then you will have to pretend like a fake human being with a set of morals. Then you will develop a conscience. This conscience hurts whenever life feels great.

If you want to create an ambience within the body, in your psychological structure, your emotional structure, your energy structure, and in the atmosphere around you, a tool that you can make use of is certain kinds of sound. Many of you at some point might have shifted from popular music to classical music. And after you shifted, if you kept this music on in your home or in your car, gently in the background, in many ways the quality of your life could have changed – the way you behave, the way you emote, the way you think, the way you act.

Music is an arrangement of sounds to generate certain sweetness. Music is a fine arrangement, but still it is like the water flowing. A mantra is not that beautiful aesthetically but it is much more effective; it is like a key to open up something. I want you to try it out. They have released a CD called Vairagya. This was released with a specific purpose. I want you to listen to the CD over and over a few times. Listen to each one of the mantras. Each one runs for ten minutes. Don’t choose.  Figure out what really draws you, and then you say, “This is my mantra.” We are following up the CD with a one hour version of each mantra. So keep it going, and keep it going, and keep it going all the time. In your car, in your home, on your iPad, iPod, phone, everywhere. Simply on and on and on for some time.

After some time it will become so much a part of your system and it will set a certain ambience for you. But don’t say, “Oh, I like this mantra. What have you chosen? Okay, let me also choose that.” It’s not done like that. Just listen and listen. When you feel that one of them is really grabbing you, you just go by that. If you say, “This is my mantra,” we will make one hour recordings of it and give it to you and you just set that ambience. Mantra is not consciousness but mantra sets the right kind of ambience. Sound will set the right kind of ambience within this physiological, psychological framework and also in the atmosphere. One can make use of this.

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